June 16th, 2017
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Have you heard of the ‘Granny Annexe’?

Over the years we have converted hundreds of garages into a granny annexe.  Many of our clients have elderly parents who need support but wish to retain their own space and the garage has provided them with the perfect opportunity to create a self-contained living area.

However, something we are seeing more frequently now is what we call a graddy annexe.  Young people are spending huge fees on university and with the job market uncertain and the housing prices high, many graduates are having to move back in with their parents after university.  This can be difficult for all parties.  Everyone has enjoyed some freedom from each other and the dynamics change when the children return home as adults.

An excellent solution is to convert that unused garage space into a separate bedroom and bathroom, offering a level of privacy and space to all members of the household.  Depending on the size of the garage we can also fit in a living area and a separate entrance.

Although there is some initial outlay, when the children finally fly the nest for good the added value to the house will usually be about double the cost of the conversion itself.  Therefore, as well as helping your adult children, making the process of living together again easier, by and large it’s an excellent long term financial investment too.