Will I need planning permission?

Over 95% of the conversions we complete do not require planning permission.  Usually garage conversions fall within permitted development rights and as such you do not need to apply.  We will speak to you about this when we come and survey and you can contact your local authority to confirm their position.


If you do require planning permission then we can advise you on the application process and work with the planning department to ensure everything is delivered to their requirements.

Do you cover building control?

Yes.  We make the building control application on your behalf and ensure all works are completed to standard.  When the building inspector has completed the inspection, a certificate will be issued to you.  This is usually around 6-8 weeks after completion.  All building control costs are included in our prices.  We guarantee our work will be signed off so if the inspector asks for anything to be changed we will do so free of charge for you.

What can I turn my garage into?

We have helped create everything from home cinemas to a hot tub room.  We can tailor make the room to fit whatever you need.  We can open the space into your existing home or keep the room self-contained.


The most common conversions are:


Extra Bedroom and Bathroom

Home Office



Open Plan Kitchen

How long will a conversion take?

This, of course, depends on the individual specifications but on average a single conversion takes around 2 weeks and a double around 3 weeks.  Putting in bathrooms, kitchens, taking out walls etc will take a little more time but this will all be discussed with you at quote stage and we will provide you will a schedule before we start.

How much will a conversion cost?

Again, costs vary according to the individual requirements but out starting prices for a basic single garage conversion are £8,000 and a double £12,000.  Please see our pricing page for more information and links to independent pricing sites.

Will I deal with the same person from start to finish?

Yes.  We are a family run firm.  Despite our high level of experience and expertise, we have remained small enough to ensure every job is quoted and completed by the same person.  We work with a small selection of trusted sub-contractors who have been with us for over 10 years.  Even on days where a sub-contractor is present we will still be on site ensuring they are working to our plan and specification.  We keep 90% of the work in house and only use our trusted sub-contractors when their expertise is required.  Your point of contact for all aspects of the job remains the same throughout and the same person will be on hand post-completion if you have any queries or questions.

How much disruption will there be to the rest of the house?

Very little.  Usually we just require access to the garage via the hallway when we have bricked up the front of the garage.  Apart from that it’s business as usual in your home.  If we are knocking a wall out to open a kitchen up for example there will be a few days of disruption and some dust but this is no more than a standard kitchen refurb would create.  We are extremely careful to respect your home throughout and we take Henry the Hoover to site at all times!

Who does the quotation?

We do not employ salesman or surveyors to come and see the job on our behalf.  We are a family firm and all works including quotations are kept in house.   The person who quotes will also be carrying out the work on site so we understand the job completely.

Are the quotations fixed?

Yes.  We include everything e.g. building control and VAT in our quotations.  There are no nasty surprises at the end.  If you request any changes throughout the project we will price them for you and agree between us before we do anything.

What does the quote include?

We produce a detailed schedule of works and materials in the quote.  We break it down for you so you can see the specifications and costing to each element.  We include VAT, building control and certifications in that so there are no hidden extras.  What we quote is what you pay.

Are you part of a larger group or franchise?

No.  We are an independent family firm, specialising purely in garage conversions.  Both our Directors are educated to degree level and Scott, who quotes and carries out the work has an Engineering Degree.  Keeping ourselves independent allows us to keep control of the high standard of work, expertise and accountability.

Do you have insurance?

Yes.  We have insurance covering us for public liability for £2,000,000 and employers’ liability for £10,000,000.  Copies are available on request.